Ditch the Diets
Break free from
emotional eating
and live a life that
makes you sparkle



Feed on Life is for the woman who wants to be at ease with food, her body and live a life she loves

I want to share with you a pain free solution to enjoying life, completely diet free.

You see, I believe dieting stops us from living , right now. We wait, we put on hold, all those things we want or dream of doing. We tell ourselves that we will be happier or life will get better, once we lose some weight.

`I`ll change my job once I`m slimmer and feel more confident about myself`.
`I`ll feel sexier and more attractive once I lose a few kilos. Then I`ll start dating`
`I`d love to play tennis again, but I`ll do that once I`ve got back to a size 12 `.

Feed on Life is about helping you to create the life you want…. Now. Not next month or next year once you`re slimmer, more confident or feeling more attractive.

The Feed on Life concept does this by encouraging you to look at all the parts in your life.
Yep, it`s a Mind, Body, Soul thing.
What we feed our mind, body and soul has the potential to nourish and fill us up. Or do the opposite. Drain and deplete.

How does this affect how and what I eat?
Well, we overeat or emotionally eat for a reason.
Something is missing in our life. There`s a void or emptiness that makes us feel uncomfortable. So we fill this by turning to food.

My aim with Feed on Life is to show you how to have more of the `fill me up` moments from life.
This means you really do start living fully. Suddenly food and how your body looks isn`t the main focus every minute of the day.
Life feels good and satisfying. You experience peace and pleasure. Your weight becomes a side issue and before you know it, your body naturally sets itself to a weight that is right for you.

We`ll do this in a gentle, curious and fun way. We start with where you are now, with no judgement and absolutely no weighing. We`ll explore what is and isn`t working for you and we`ll come up with a plan.

When you take really good are of yourself – your mind, body and soul- you begin to sparkle and discover the real you. You step fully into your life being yourself and loving who you are.
The true, authentic woman who starts accepting and loving who she is regardless of how much she weighs … all without a diet or scales in sight.

With Love