My Big A-ha

My big a-ha
Have you ever had an A-ha moment that literally changed the course of your life?
A voice whispers to you and a flash of insight and wisdom is revealed. It feels like a deep knowing and you have to listen to it.

This happened to me many years ago, in my early twenties.

Once again, I was trying to lose weight. On another diet.
I`d been doing this since I was 11 years old.

I felt like I`d tried everything and I had! I was an expert regarding the calorie content of just about any known food to man.

I`d lose weight for a while and then back it would come. I`d feel ashamed, frustrated and miserable as my weight would see-saw.

By this stage, food and I were well entrenched in a love-hate relationship.
I felt like I watched every mouthful I ate, mentally tallying the calories or doing the opposite and bingeing and gorging on food I `shouldn`t` be eating. Ugh, I was caught in my own version of food and body prison.

One day, I literally thought `There`s got to be a better way`.`I can`t keep doing this to myself`.

And then the light bulb moment… my big A-ha.

`What if I choose to eat for health. What if I forget about calories and diets and eat food that will be good for me?`

I knew in an instant, that this was what I had to do.
I knew to my very core that this was right.

I`ve never looked back.
From that day on I decided to change my attitude to food and ultimately my body. It was a massive turning point.

Slowly, over time, the weight came off. I hit speed bumps of course, lots of them actually, but I also started experiencing how good it felt to start taking care of my body. For the first time.

But it was more than that. What I really felt, was freer and lighter mentally and emotionally. I had extra head space as I wasn`t consumed with tallying calories and thinking about what I could and couldn`t eat.

So why did it work?

I believe its because the health and nourishment focus sent a clear message to my brain and body that I was no longer into depriving and restricting myself.

In essence, rather than punishing and fighting my body I was taking good care of it. Showing it some love.

So if you`re feeling stuck or frustrated about your weight, can I lovingly suggest a change of tactics?

Show yourself some love and be done with the pain of dieting.

Instead, try this.
Decide that your body is worthy of being treated well.
When preparing something to eat, just gently ask yourself, `will this nourish and love my body back`?

Take small steps too. Choose 1 meal each day that you can focus on to make healthier . But make sure it`s tasty and still enjoyable to you.

Also, remember to be kind to yourself and resist the temptation to now become obsessed with `eating healthy`. It`s a process, a journey and you will need to find a balance.

I personally know how hard it is to do this alone. I remember wishing there was someone who had walked in my shoes, who `got it` and could help me with a plan.
It`s what inspires me every day, to do the work I do.

It`s why I pulled together all that I`ve learnt from my own experiences and training and designed my programme

Ditch the Diets and find peace with food and your body

If you feel ready to make some changes and have a hunch my package could be for you, then contact me for my free discovery session.
(Discovery sessions are approximately 30 mins long and can be done via Skype, phone or in person.)

By the way, there is absolutely no obligation for you to work with me. There`s no arm twisting or persuading!
We`ll simply have a genuine, heart felt conversation to see if my package is the right fit for you.

With love


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