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BadHairDay I`ve just got home from spending 3 hours at the hairdressers and I don`t know whether to laugh or cry. The women that looks back at me doesn`t look like me at all. She has dark brunette hair. Not the usual blonde that I`ve had for the last 47 years and I feel a bit disorientated, out of kilter. I feel like driving back to the hairdressers and screaming at her `what the hell have you done…where have I gone`? I want to demand to have my hair redone.

Life happens for you I came across this saying by Oprah Winfrey a few years ago and it struck a chord with me. It`s how I choose to look at everything that happens to me. But what does it really mean? Here`s my take on it. I believe we`re on this planet to stretch ourselves and grow as much as we can. Every single one of us has our own unique pain and struggles – we all have our `own shit to sort out`. It`s part of the human

My big a-ha Have you ever had an A-ha moment that literally changed the course of your life? A voice whispers to you and a flash of insight and wisdom is revealed. It feels like a deep knowing and you have to listen to it. This happened to me many years ago, in my early twenties. Once again, I was trying to lose weight. On another diet. I`d been doing this since I was 11 years old. I felt like I`d tried everything and I had! I was an expert regarding

Fun Lately I`ve felt like I`ve taken a step backwards. It never ceases to amaze me that something can happen in my life, the right button is pushed and I feel like I`m right back at square one. Momentarily, I feel like I`ve learnt nothing. What am I talking about? Well, over the last couple of days I`ve found myself walking into the pantry. Frequently. I stand there, desperately scanning for something to eat. If I`m honest, I know I`m not really hungry but I haven`t got time to stop and