My Story

Feed on Life came about from my own experiences with dieting and weight loss over the last 30 years. You see, I know what it`s like to look in the mirror and hate what you see.
I did this every day, ever since I can remember. Sadly, I was on my first diet at aged 11.
All I saw in the mirror was a chubby, (aka fat) girl with chunky legs and a big tummy.
I didn`t look like other kids and I felt acutely let down and embarrassed by my body. I was desperate to change it.

So it seemed obvious to me what I should do. Get some willpower. Diet, eat less and `fix` my body.
And so began a journey that would haunt me for a long time. Fuelled by the thought ` I need to fix this body and be slim. I need willpower and to eat less. Once my body looks normal, I`ll be happy and like myself`.

Luckily for me, in my early twenties I had a big A-ha moment and finally figured out how to ditch the dieting and keep the weight off.
But you know what?
Being slimmer didn`t necessarily make me feel happier. I still wasn`t living fully and loving my life. I felt like I was on the sidelines. At times I still turned to food for comfort. I had periods of bingeing which I didn`t understand.

And I was confused.
It started to dawn on me that food and what we eat is only one part of the happiness and weight loss puzzle. Sure, I was feeding my body well with healthy food. But what about the rest of me? My mind, soul and spirit.
So, I decided to take a long, look at myself.

I found even though I was slimmer I still had the same mindset or thought patterns of when I weighed more. And the consistent theme here was that I never felt `good enough`.
I found that even though I was eating the `right` things nutritionally, I felt empty and lost about my purpose and meaning in life.

I found that even though I weighed less on the scales, I found it difficult to let go of control and trust that things or life would work out..that there was a higher power or divine purpose to everything.

In the process, I discovered that the more I worked on myself personally, the more authentic and happier I became. I started to feed my mind, body, spirit and soul with really, good, loving stuff. And I started to feel like I was truly living. With health, vitality and purpose.

And guess what?

Suddenly food became secondary in my life rather than the main event. You see, I found the more I gained pleasure, fun and purpose from other areas in my life, the less I needed to turn to food to fill the void. That feeling of emptiness and nagging discontent. After decades of self loathing and struggling to like, let alone love, my body and myself…. Here I am. Living my dream of being a Health Coach.

No more living on the sidelines and being a spectator. But living fully and feeling at peace with the real me. And the real me wants to share my story, my battles and what I`ve learnt with other women. To inspire and encourage them to end the punishment and self loathing of their body and themselves.

We don`t need `fixing` or more willpower. We don`t need to deprive or restrict ourselves around food. And we don`t need to be at the gym 5 days a week to beat our bodies into shape. Because there is another way. A kinder, gentler, compassionate way that aims for self love not deprivation. Health rather than perfection.

Feed on Life is about showing you how to be your best and live well…it`s about showing you how to satisfy your hunger with life, not just food.

With love Yvette.

Feed on Life