How I Coach

My Philosophy is that we need to Feed on Life. This means finding ways to feed your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit in a way that works for you, lasts and becomes part of your daily life.

My approach is to help you do this by working with you in a gentle, nonjudgmental way.
Step by step, we will explore what will feed you as a whole person. I`ll show you how to put in place strategies to make you a priority and help your life flourish in the process. The more you bloom – the less food dominates, and you can get on with living your gorgeous life.

The Feed on Life guiding principles:
• You never go hungry
• You never starve yourself
• You never count another calorie again… ever
• You never worry about how much you weigh.
• You eat for ENJOYMENT and NOURISHMENT!!!!

Feed on Life

Your 1:1 coaching package will look like this:

• We will meet over skype, so you can live anywhere in the world and I can still help you. Every fortnight we will meet for 12 sessions in total. (I know it sounds a lot but this is the secret to helping you make small, sustainable changes.)
• These sessions are all about you and what you want to accomplish. We will look at all areas in your life, set some goals and come up with a plan!
• To help you through the process I will provide you with a variety of handouts and information including some yummy recipes.
• I will send you written notes after our session for you to reflect on.
• In-between the sessions you can contact me via email.
• Below are some tidbits on Body and Mind Food that we will explore together. Have a look as it may help you to start thinking about what feeds you.

Feed your Body - I am worthy enough to take beautiful care of my body.

Hippocrates had it right when he said Let food be thy medicine. 
• Feed on Life begins here. The goal is health not how much you weigh. I want you to start taking care of your gorgeous body.
• Feed on Life means no restrictions, no deprivation, no denying and absolutely no dieting. It may be hard to comprehend this to start with. But trust me, this is key.
• To start with, we`ll look at food. In particular, we`ll focus on getting you to enjoy a natural, unprocessed way of eating. I`m talking about real food that will nourish you with energy and vitality.
• I want to show you how to relax around food. (I know, you are nearly hyperventilating at the thought) How to slow down, enjoy food and soak up its pleasures. Food does not need to be the enemy. Why? Well for one, not trusting your body and worrying about food puts you under chronic low-grade stress. And stress tells our body `Help, I`m in trouble and I gotta store fat`.
• We`ll also cover Sleep, Rest (this is hugely important) and Movement.

Feed your Mind - I am enough. I love and accept myself just as I am.

Our thoughts about ourselves become our beliefs. And these beliefs get played out as the stories we tell ourselves over and over… they become our life instructions. `I have no willpower`. `I always seem to fail`. `I`m so fat and unattractive`. `I stuff up and make mistakes every time`. `I`m useless at sport`. `I`m disorganized`… and on it goes. We have approximately 60,000 thoughts each day. Imagine if a large amount involve beating ourselves up. Over our looks, or what we`ve eaten, or said, or done, or not done…..
And did you know, that every thought we have has a direct affect on our body.
• So it makes sense to start feeding our mind well. How do we do this?
• Well, the first step is to learn self-compassion and self –love. Incidentally, the more love we feed our minds, the more love our body receives.

I can`t wait to help you get started!